Alec Benjamin – Let Me Down Slowly [Official Music Video]

Narrated For You available now: Director: Matt Swinsky Follow Alec Benjamin …


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  2. Quem ai veio pelo instagram curte aiiiiii

  3. Türkler belli edin kendinizi hadi göreyim sizi OSMANLI TORUNLARI

  4. I love Your Songs and somtimes i Mist cry, because the Songs are so Great. Love froh Germany. I am a German Kid sry for the Bad englisch

  5. Çilem abladan gelenler ? Kemdmskaskskzjz

  6. Este es el comentario en español que estabas buscando 😎

  7. this is so fucking underrated.

    I have watched it 299384739192 times and cried every time.

  8. Who also comes from Snapchat, the song Really nice

  9. This is the most simple music video yet the most beautiful mv <3

  10. I thought a girl was singing this lol. But he has a lovely voice

  11. Love this song…

  12. I thought it was Alessia Cara singing. It does say “narrated by Alec”. I love this song. Found out about it randomly in Spotify!

  13. Your voice is so cute and I love it 💞💞💞

  14. Wtf I thought it was a girl

  15. Ulan yıllarca kız diye dinlemiştim bunu

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