Anna Kendrick & Blake Vigorous Reply the Net’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

“A Simple Favor” stars Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet’s most searched questions about …


  1. How does blake lively workout? "Omg im so glad people are are interested in my career" lmao blake

  2. This is the female version of Ryan and jake’s autocomplete interview


  4. How do they not know what she’s played in? I’ve literally known of her since Twilight!

  5. Anna Kendrick seems so INSECURE.

  6. The Canadian comment killed me😂😂 “what a compliment” nah honey we’re assholes down here too we just got better at hiding it, if I don’t say sorry atleast 5 times a day I lose my citizenship😂😂😂

  7. so i'm the only one thinks Blake Lively is beautiful ? okay 😉

  8. More like Blake lovley.

  9. I can't believe Anna is older than Blake Lively! She looks sooo young!

  10. Blake darling, that ain't your husband. That is Anna Kendrick, she maybe Ryan's female version, but that ain't your Ryan, hands off darling, hands off.

  11. Just a shoutout, Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gylenhaal's interview is like the best WIRED interview ever. Hoping for a part 2

  12. 2019! Im still watching this repeatedly! Anna! Anna!

  13. One can tell when people haven’t gone through a personal Vietnam, they have more lighter personalities. Good for her. Good for them.

  14. Anna: How is that working?
    Blake: Nah….not that well……..
    Anna: GOOD!!!

  15. I've always been attracted to Ryan Reynolds and then when I saw Blake in a movie a long time ago I was attracted to her as well. I'm attracted to a power couple.

  16. Finally some actors that actually answer the questions

  17. Looks like Serena van der Woodson is back in the spotlight. But has B been replaced..?

    I’m back bitches.
    Gossip Girl.

  18. Look up Rachel Hollis, looks so much like Anna Kendrick, more than that Echosmith chick (didn't look much like her I thought). Rachel is like an inspirational speaker version of Anna Kendrick, coach person though…like if Anna Kendrick was married to Tony Robbins…she'd be more like Rachel I'll bet. Yes that's what would happen, exactly.

  19. Blake: I am training to become a pop star.
    Ana: And how's that working.
    Blake: Not well.
    Ana: Good.

  20. Ok.. Blake's legs are killing me..

  21. Anna can you stop talking like thaaaiit

  22. Anna is soo funny, i loved that she took care of BTS at grammys lmao 😂😂💜💜💜

  23. What's going on with the audio in this? Is the mic twenty feet away?

  24. I wish Anna Kendrick would hold me down and choke me and slap me and spank my hiney.

  25. Teacher: Okay, who will answer the question we left yesterday since no one knows the answer?
    Friend: Ma'am! James will!
    Me: 3:34

  26. OMG there's two are little nerds😂

  27. Can’t tell if they have fun together or low key hate each other’s guts….

  28. well next to her nrother she does not look that ugly

  29. woow that poor girl form echosmith really looks like you

  30. Anna has a great personality. I always love watching her, she’s hilarious 😂

  31. <3 Anna. Loved a simple favour btw – my favourite film of 2018 – and I go to the cinema almost every week!

  32. WIRED
    I like this show I get yo sit a pick out all the transsexuals, Men and women, it's so fun especially when they use there last names that are really there first names like Kendrick and Blake for Anna Kendrick and Blake lively

  33. Ana is hilarious 😂😆😂🤣 😂

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