Another person verified my enterprise on Google

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  1. So someone steals my business, because of this absolute worthless one click verification and all you offer is for me to ask them politely to get it back? What in the world am I supposed to, just go sleep under the bridge now?

  2. I’m glad I recovered my email thanks to [email protected] 😀

  3. Postcard not received , 5 day's already over , what solutions……

  4. Hi mam! how to remove suggest an edit option for my google account .

  5. How do I find out which email address is managing the GMB |isting 0f my business?"

  6. 🚨You can a NEW verify Google listings without phone or postcard ✅

  7. it is bullshit, anyone can claim your business. I own a property and someone else has listed there name on my property!

  8. So basically, ask the person who wrongfully claimed your business to have it back. When they refuse, ask Google to help you. One problem, it's been weeks and Google hasnt gotten back to me. So now someone can do whatever they want with my business name.

    Just for this, I'm going to start claiming random businesses for no reason other than proving a point.

  9. Yes, the transfer primary owner feature is disabled. I can add owners and managers but cannot transfer primary ownership. How do I correct this?

  10. this video is old how do i use the new one. guide me the process. i need to claim my business ownership

  11. Why are complete strangers allowed to claim a Business on Google My Business? Google's verification of business ownership or authorization is very poor. Be aware Google Support to assist a change is poor. You are basically left on your own to regain ownership of your name and business. Maybe another option, not Google, will be available one day or not. Google owns the world, we are at the mercy of the Google machine.

  12. i am bhrigupandit. some one deleted my mobile and web site from listing and put his. i do not know how to recover pls help.

  13. Hi
    Contact with google to call me within 1-2 days , this third days not call me , wait for you .

  14. Someone else has hacked into gooogle my business for my listed business justrepair. how to secure google my busniess account. please help

  15. Tried this and it is my business with my name but they denied access. How do you get around that?

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  18. how do I add my restaurant options to my google my business account

  19. Hey!
    I have requested for verifying my location on google business account by mail at my mailing address but I have not got any verification mail from google. And now when I sign in for checking the verification, it stated that "No attempts of verification is remaining"
    Please help! thanks

  20. Not sure why my business has a line through the address. Is it because the address that is showing on the web is our storefront but mail cannot be delivered there and I think a postcard has to be sent there for further verification. I have a mailing address, (do I need to add this somehow?) Could you please advise.

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