Google House Mini – Palms On Evaluation

Google Home now has a smaller version. Google Home Mini places the Google Assistant into a smaller speaker that will only cost $50. It’s a great way to be able …


  1. Don't watch this on an Android device 😑

  2. Got to love the giant bug, if the feds had put a bug in your living room you'd be pissed.

  3. hi dear

    i saw a pair of speackers in your room…. can you tell me what brand are ….thanks a lot

  4. Thx for sharing this video & talking a little bit about what this Mini can do.I live in the UK & was given a US mini,It works very well & it's growing on me.

  5. I was worry about getting one but not now. Thanks

  6. Google home mini simply sucks that it will never ever ever work.!!!!
    Keeps telling me to down down load the app.
    just keeps telling me to download the app that is already down loaded.

  7. How many other android users had their phone blow up every time "Hey Google" was said

  8. meraviglioso siamo alla fantascenza

  9. You activated my google home mini lol

  10. I wish mine responded so well like that

  11. Got it for a buck through Spotify

  12. Hey google play lady gaga

    Hey gay, google.

  13. hey gay-googel ya its pretty gay that people are so fucken lazy

  14. I've posted comments on every smart speaker review I've seen on YouTube because by the fact that smart speakers are so popular, they clearly have SOME use. But for the life of me I can't figure out what they can do that the smart phones we all carry in our pockets can't. Seriously, every review and no-one ever responds. WHAT DO THEY DO?! WHO ARE THEY FOR?! Are they for people who can't figure out the hands free options on their phone? Do they have some functionality that I'm unaware of that can't be replicated on a smartphone? Do cheap phones suck at voice recognition? I NEED TO KNOW! I'm converting my home into a smart home and I feel like I must be stupid or missing something.

  15. Watching on my Google home mini.

  16. My video kept pausing because my phone kept popping up Google assistant because of all the Hey Google

  17. You saying hey Google is activating my Google 😤

  18. Wanna use it to make phone calls and receive phone calls
    Google mini.. work?
    what kind of phone plugs or connects to the mini at home.. what kind of connection

  19. Nope. They are spying on you.

  20. I got one with my pixel 3 I haven't even opened the box and don't intend to

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  22. Hey, user
    Make up your mind and don't ask me things if you're going to interrupt me

  23. Hey Google turn the light off please 😀 great speaker i did like it

  24. Hey google take vacations!

  25. Who’s here because of the Spotify deal?

  26. How intrusive is this thing. I did not know my device was active for OK google…until he prompted it. I am now disabling it and removing it from my device. FN google listening in all the time… So, I disabled it only to have it prompt me to turn in back on. WTF Google is still listening to us. What is the point to disable it only have it still invading all our privacy…

  27. Little monster? You are little monster also?

  28. summary: "Hey Google stop!" and "Hey Google pause!"

  29. 1 reason NOT to buy… Annoying man (okay Google what's his name again? … Google: "idk that's not in my program" 😬)!!
    I pass Google 👎

  30. So your at home and asking hows the traffic getting home?

  31. I84 east made me laugh- you must be in CT too

  32. Was I the only one who's Google assistant went off when he say "hey Google" 😂

  33. I am offended. Google home has feelings

  34. 1% of people actually talking about the google home mini
    99% of people saying don’t try this around google mini

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