My 91yr Grandpa Meets Google

This video was sponsored by Google Store. Make sure to check them out to get awesome tech for your dad (or grandad!) this Father’s Day: …


  1. aww, this video is so nice =)

  2. it is freaking SWEET!
    btw it got me emotional

  3. 91, he looks damn good for his age. If you said he was in his 70s i wouldn't bat an eye, the only giveaway is he sounds 91

  4. Best Video @LinusTechTips

  5. I am old but not that old.

  6. I was worried when he scrolled down to "DIRTY GRANDPA"

  7. imagine linus' grandson teaching him tech stuff… weird right?

  8. Hmm 🤔 i think it was in 2013 i actually gave. My grandpa a iphone 4 for his bday and he kept asking me how to use it it was pretty funny 😆 😂

  9. This could be a great ad for google.

  10. Really enjoyed this video. You have a great grandpa. Mine sadly passed away last year. Still miss him.

  11. He looks like he is 60 or 70

  12. That’s Steve’s house there

  13. The happiness it brings in his face is priceless. Wish to have even met one of my grand dad's when I was a kid, but sadly they passed away even before I was born. This even brought me to tears imagining if that was me and my dad spending time together. But sadly he passed a way 3 years ago. Thank you linus.

  14. No homo but he sounds cute

  15. Is that stone-cold fox wearing a smartwatch?

  16. Thanks to my Google Home I now know the weather in Vancouver.. 😂😂

  17. I had a grandpa John who passed away at the age of 92 a month after this video was made. I hope your grandpa John is still alive now, don't ever take the time you have with him for granted.

  18. That was a beautiful thing to see.

  19. he actually speaks and reacts pretty young, I wanna look like him at 91😁

  20. I dunno why but this makes me so happy.

  21. yes john berry is right

  22. Linus do a PC build with your grampa!! That would be awesome

  23. This was heart warming. Very sweet.

    My dad has left me he was quite abusive.

  24. That was such a lovely video to watch. Reminds me of an elderly neighbour that I had who was like a grandmother to me. Was always fascinated by modern technology. Makes me miss her that little bit more tonight.

  25. good ol’ man still kicking butts

  26. Did your granpa serve in WWII?

  27. It trigered my googke Assistant

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