Why I left my job at Google (as a software program engineer)

“The Tech Lead” Patrick Shyu explains why he quit Google as a software engineer. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL …


  1. So basically, you wanted to go outside, and have a adventure by jumping to different companies?

  2. This is dude is hilarious, a freaking legend

  3. 3.2 years at Google is still significantly different than 0 years at Google though

  4. so good with software , but so bad with video post production … that sky has a mind of its own …

  5. I always enjoy to listen to your videos.
    You coming to point is actually irrelevant to me.

  6. watching you at 1.75 speed is so comical

  7. TheTechLead, am I a bad developer if I turn down going through the interview process for Facebook, Google, Microsoft because I don't like going through 3-4 months of interviewing when I can get another job, same salary against cost of living, lower expectations from the employer during the interview process with only 2 weeks of interviewing?

  8. He is fun in a strange way.

  9. TheTechLead, what is your opinion on companies like google that interview for months and months and still pay the same versus companies that pay the same, but are not huge big brands like google and don't have long hiring processes.

  10. Simple, he found out he could go Full Time YouTube

  11. Feels like the whole video is for self convince to leave google with no guilt hahah. Despite that thanks for the tips

  12. You're looper 😠 total looper

  13. These videos make me sad. In a socialist nation, naïve capitalists wouldn't pay $60K/year on trust-fund morons playing Counterstrike half the work day. (Consider the quality of Windows yet the lack of alternative options. Where is "capitalist competition" in fixing this?) In a social-nationalist country, citizens would develop software for the greater good of humanity, and there would be plenty of workers doing their job because of their passion for software engineering and the love of their nation and respect for all people because employment would be a human right. There would be armed guards walking around the work floor to ensure that the People's money is not wasted.
    The working class People would decide exactly what they want to spend on the computer science budget that they fund with their labor. They would decide whether or not degenerate bourgeois entertainment would be consumed by the minds of their youth.
    The best path forward to achieving a true socialist paradise in what is left of America is NOT by voting for Bernie Sanders. (With that being said, all leftists should support his primary run.) His reforms will only keep late stage capitalism on life support. We must vote for another term of Trump, who respects socialist nations such as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, which has solved most of the problems described in this post. His respect for the small nation's desire for independence is a sign that he is one of the few politicians who are not yet completely controlled by the global bourgeois power structure. No other President would make such bold comments about the CIA agent who "died" as a result of "torture" for spying on Korea.
    This is a battle against the intelligence agencies of a nation that will murder and imprison non-violent African-Americans, Native Americans, even its own whites, and anyone abroad to defend its imperialist, capitalist endeavors. For the first time since JFK we have had a President who is bold enough to stand up to this illegitimate fourth branch of a government. We cannot "Make America Great Again" as it was never great and never will be. But we can pave the way for a workers' revolution while we interfere with the establishment's desired voting results.
    Trump 2020.

  14. You are too all over the place for me to hire

  15. It's like idddubz but being a techlead.

  16. I think he ascended to heaven. Judging by the sky.

  17. gogole is a hsit company hiring retards, scumbags or loosers who put google on their resume ..

  18. You are talking like work is everything. You are dull. Also, get to the fucking point and stop name dropping Google. You didn't actually say why you left. Prick

  19. Lol you are working for google technically because YouTube is owned by google

  20. I just look for my mentor and now I have one here. Thank you for be a badass engineer

  21. ! watch | who grep techlead

    😂, LINUX guys will understand

  22. kind of depressing even he failed the interview 3 times..means i dont have a chance. I'm just being realistic !

  23. He only talked of foods lmao

  24. Thanks for not getting to the point early on. It helps build context. Very insightful video

  25. He left because he read "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

  26. didnt watch your video but read the title: its easy: because now you will get a job everywhere.

  27. And the question is. WHY? with your knowledge and with the Google tech has. Why don't you create a new Financial System that helps solve the Economical problems of the while planet. Since, with the use of that tech you can create a Global Currency that helps distribute wealth, Production, Goods and Products equality to the whole world. Apart from admin all the Resources to be more profitable, especially the Human Resource, which is the true and most legit Capital that organize, create, admin, produce, generate and make the world a better place to live in peace. That can easily be done, just need to know how. And I know how. I'm working on that now. Are you in our team? Thanks dude, very inspiring vid but much more is missing to do for others and the whole world, with that Tech man!

  28. Jesus. I hope your code is more concise than your stories.

  29. I can't imagine not wanting to work at deepmind after just a couple years. Maybe 5 would be enough for me, but there's just so much amazing that's going on there.

  30. You should work at Apple. They have the highest tenured rates among FAANG.

  31. Lol, you are a trip dude. Got me crackin’ up

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